A Pest Free Winter Starts With Autumn Preparations

Although most of us think of summer as prime time for bugs and critters, homes are actually more vulnerable to pests in the winter. Hundreds of species that happily exist outdoors in hotter months will seek warmth indoors when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, the unwanted guests cause damage and import disease. That is why local families depend on exterminators for advice and autumn pest control plans.

Unwanted Insects and Animals Cause Problems

Most of us agree that random bugs and animals in the house can be disgusting or even scary. Nobody wants to get bit or scratched. However, there are even more important reasons why animal and bug control is important. Roaches, spiders, rats and mice all bring disease with them. Their droppings are unsanitary and can degrade indoor air quality. They can irritate breathing conditions like asthma or allergies. Intruders also use home materials for food and nesting. They chew electrical wiring, insulation, fabric and carpeting. Some will even destabilize structures.

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Technicians Can Find and Remove Pests

The simplest way to control pests is to contact the best exterminator available. Established companies send well trained technicians who can locate any kind of pest, no matter how hidden they are. Professionals learn the tell-tale signs left by bugs and animals, so they can detect them anywhere. They also know each species’ nesting, eating and living habits, which allows them to set traps that work. Professionals can ensure that homes are entirely pest free before winter sets in.

Experts Help Customers Avoid Infestations

Pest control technicians teach clients how to discourage pests from sharing their homes. They point out door gaps that need sealing and torn screens which could become entry points. Professionals advise clients to clear gutter debris and avoid stacking wood against houses, since animals and insects use these materials to create nests. Experts will also set up regular inspections that can protect customers against new infestations.

Fall is the time when many homeowners begin pest proofing. They often rely on professional exterminators to help find and remove food and shelter sources that could attract unwanted insects or animals. Professional exterminators also find existing pests, eliminate them and schedule inspections that prevent new problems.

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